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F L Y I N G .

About us

Aircompany "Baltic Airlines" was founded in 1993 and been certified for flights FSVT of Russian Federation.

"Baltic Airlines" is a private owned company and has five helicopters Mi-8, which are able to flight day and night with clouds level as low as 60 metres above the ground, 600 metres of visible range and 25 m/sec wind velocity.

Our Mi-8 helicopters are:
  • Passenger heliocopters with 20 comfortable chairs, TV, WC and and language broadcasting system
  • transport-cargo heliocopters with 3 tonns carrying capacity

The Russian President has presented an order "For personal Courage" to one of our crews in 1993 after successful rescue of fishermen at Ladoga lake.

"Baltic Airlines" company has exclusive right to fly over St.Petersburg and presented as official air company of St.Petersburg administration and government organizations.

"Baltic Airlines" has realized more then 100 of building and assembly jobs of high complexity with help of the helicopters. The most famous jobs are:
  • 1993 - installation of flag mast on the top of Gatchina Palace
  • 1994 - installation of cross on Kazansky cathedral
  • 1994 - installation of magneto-resonance tomograph in 2-nd city hospital (by request of Zeiss company)
  • 1995 - installation of spire & cross on the church of St. Simeon and Anna
  • 1995 - installation of sea signs in Tallinn
  • 1996 - installation "Tsar-Carpenter" memorial on Admiralteskaya embankment.
... and a great number of survival, rescue and medical missions according to agreement with "EuroFlight" (Finland), "Evelansh" (Russia), by request of private people, Ministry of Special Affairs and other legal persons. For instance:
  • helicopter of "Baltic Airlines" was the only one helicopter from Russia which was taking a part in salvage operations during wreck of "Estonia" ferry in 1994.
  • within period of 1993-1997 "Baltic Airlines" has rescued more than 200 people from drifting ice-floes.
  • "Baltic Airlines" has exclusive right for conducting "TANDEM" parachute jumps on the territory of Peter&Paul fortress.

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